What’s On in Year Four - Term 4


During Term 4, Year Four is undertaking the following units of study.


In English the writing emphasis will be on biography and persuasive writing. Particular emphasis will be placed on spelling, grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, proofreading and editing. Our reading skills will continue to develop through the CAFÉ Reading program.


In Mathematics we will be working on fractions, decimals and the four operations. There will also be problem solving activities involving currency. Students will be involved in developing strategies to pose and answer worded problems. We will continue to work on our times tables. Mental maths will form a major component of this area of the curriculum in preparation for Year Five.


Integrated Studies :

Our Inquiry Unit this term is ‘The history of Australia between 1800-1901’.


Our focus questions for this unit are:

       What were the significant events of the period 1800-1901?

       Who were some of the main explorers of Australia and why do they explore?

       Why did people migrate to Australia?

       What was the impact of the Gold Rush on Australia?


The students will learn about Bushrangers, Gold Rush, Eureka Stockade, Explorers and Migration. This unit will involve a wide variety of activities such as researching and watching MyPlace documentaries to deepen their understanding of what life is like between 1800-1901.


It is always surprising how time flies in the last term of the school year. The children are preparing for their transition to Year Five and as always, the Year Four teachers will ensure that the students have an extremely rewarding and productive term.

Below are some dates to keep in mind for Term Four

October 4th - First day of Term 4

November 2nd  - Melbourne Cup Day – Public Holiday

November 17th – The Promise of Gold Incursion

November 24th – Whole School In House Performance

December 2nd – Sovereign Hill Excursion

December 3rd – Billy Cart Grand Prix

December 14th – Year 6 Graduation

December 15th – Year 4 End of Unit Expo

December 15th – Reports home

December 17th – Last day of term 1:30pm finish


Holly George, Bridget Wells, Hock Meng Tan and Sue Grant

Year 4 Teachers