What’s On in Year Four

Term 1


Welcome back to school! We hope everyone had a wonderful break and are as ready and keen as we all are for the year ahead.



We are continuing the SMART spelling program which runs at every Year Level of Gardenvale Primary School and the students will be familiar with the program from their experience in Year 3.

In Year 4 the students continue learning the CAFÉ strategies which focus on comprehension, analysis/application, fluency and expanding vocabulary.

During this term Narrative writing is our focus and we use the 7 Steps program to support the development of students’ story writing.

Handwriting is also an important subject in Year 4 as the students strive to attain their pen licence – until then, it is definitely pencil only!



Our Mathematics focus for this term includes understanding numbers up to hundreds of thousands, place value, mental computations and, of course, we strongly encourage every child to practise their multiplication tables.

The students complete pre and post assessments to help us guide the planning and targeting of teaching and learning. It also enables students to see their own progress in these areas. 

Inquiry Unit
This term our Inquiry unit is all about ‘Our Changing Relationships’.

These are the key questions that guide our inquiry:

Why do relationships change?

How do we develop positive relationships?

How can we resolve conflict?

Students will discuss emotions and the way in which they perceive themselves and others. They will explore areas of friendship, how to be a good friend, how to develop and maintain friendships and the rewards to be reaped by being a good friend. We also spend time on conflict resolution and how we can make a difference in the ways that we interact with people in our lives.


Below are some dates to keep in mind for Term One

Monday February 1st - First day of Term 1

Tuesday February 14th – Year 4 Information Evening (COLA)  6:30pm – 7:30pm

Thursday February 17th  - District Swimming Carnival

Wednesday 2nd March to Friday 4th March  - Year 4 Camp at Arrabri Lodge

Thursday 10th March -Team Building Incursion

Monday 14th March - Labour Day

Tuesday 15th March - Curriculum Dayhttps://lh6.googleusercontent.com/XfKNXhDI0jKu0S9wrsTHZ3wTUPbALxzYqnKi9xl9jJf9BKrYX_XNYuZ-ehNi21wj2FwsOoWv6IGS_JHKW2Km2H9XpCrPsWZtE3v_OUAJyLMXJ3ODLrBd3ngUvMPQefdy0RXrwf8

Wednesday 9th, 16th, 23rd March – Health Education Sessions

Wednesday 30th March –School Photo Day

Friday 8th April - Term 1 concludes at 2:30pm


Bridget Wells, Marnie Houghton, Sue Grant & Hock Meng Tan 

Year 4 Teachers