Year 4 News – May 2019
Year 4 has had a great start to Term 2 and the students have been busy across all areas of the curriculum. This week has been especially full of exciting activities beginning with cross country at Landcox Park on Monday, May 13th. Congratulations to Archie and Kiera (Year 5) who took out the 9 year old events.
Tuesday saw Year 4 head off to Dandenong Ranges National Park for an excursion to learn about biodiversity in Victoria. The students identified native plant species growing in the bush and learned about their traditional Aboriginal use; they found out about Victoria’s National Parks including where they are in the state and why they are such an important part of our country and they also learned about Park management strategies. The final activity was to explore stories along a brick path created as a commemoration of the bushfires in the park in 1997. A big thank you to our parent helpers who accompanied the excursion.
Wednesday afternoon was the Big Blue Bush Bash with checked shirts and cowboy hats worn by many. It was a toe-tapping, rattlestick-shaking event enjoyed by all to raise money for the very worthy Beyond Blue charitable organisation.

2019 What’s On - Term Two  

Year 4


Term Two is just around the corner and we have many exciting learning activities to look forward to in the weeks that lie ahead.


In English this term, the students will continue with their spelling, grammar and the Café Reading Program. During literacy activities, the emphasis will be placed on comprehension and identifying main ideas in a text. In writing, aspects to be covered will include narratives and reports.


In Mathematics, the students will be learning about addition and subtraction. They will also gain an insight into fractions, length, area, 2D and 3D shapes and time. Students will work on developing a thorough understanding of each topic and the importance of relating mathematics to everyday life. Hands-on activities play an important part in our daily program, as do problem solving strategies and mathematical games.


Our Integrated Unit this term is entitled ‘The World Around Us’. The key understandings are:

  • Australia has many neighbouring countries.
  • There are similarities and differences between climates of the worlds.
  • Vegetation is significant to animals and people and needs to be protected.
  • Human activity and natural processes have changed the Earth’s surface.
  • Different living things have different life cycles and depend on each other and the environment to survive.
    This unit will involve us looking at countries around the world, comparing them to Australia, and looking at the impact both humans and nature has on the world.  We will spend a day at looking at the environment the animals need to live successfully and the impact that occurs when this is changed.
    At the end of the unit the children will present their learning in a Year 4 expo to other students and the wider Gardenvale Community.
    Dates to Note This Term  (all dates are subject to change)
    Term 2 commences – 23rd April
    Anzac Day- Thursday 25th April
    School Cross Country – 10th May
    School Cross Country Backup – 13th May
    Explore Australia Diversity Excursion - 14th May
     Whole school Big Blue Bush Bash Dance - May 15th
    District Cross Country – 20th May
    Parent Teacher Interviews - 20th - 24th May
    Opera Australia Incursion - 6th June
    Queen’s Birthday Holiday - 10th June
    HERRRBY Week - 11th - 14th June
    Whole school Being Brave Incursion - 11th June
    Whole school HERRRBY dance off - 14th June
    Curriculum day - 19th June
    Year 4 End of Unit Expo – 25th June
  • Term 2 concludes - 28th June 2:30pm dismissal