Botanic Gardens

Excursion to Botanic Gardens
On Monday, May 7, the Year 4 classes set out for the Melbourne Botanic Gardens, accompanied by some welcome volunteer parents and their teachers.
4A and 4B set off first with 4C and 4D following an hour and a half later. Upon arrival at the gardens the students explored the Children’s Garden – hiding among the bamboo, discovering the Grandmother Tree, a 10,000 year old petrified tree trunk and hanging out with The Magic Pudding!
The Education session followed and each class had an instructor to lead them through firstly, the kitchen garden where they discovered loofahs, lime trees and olives. It was on to planting next and two classes potted their own bulbs to enjoy in the spring, and the other two classes potted native plants: chrysocephalum apiculatum – Yellow Buttons or Showy Podolepsi – a native daisy.
The students then walked through the gardens, learning about the various types of plants and trees and about adaptation of plants to their environments. It was then on to the herb garden where the students explored the different sights and smells of plants, concluding with everyone creating their own pot pourri pouch full of dried lavender, rose petals and geranium leaves.
It was a wonderful day full of exploration and learning, and will hopefully inspire some budding gardeners, arborists and botanists!

Term 2

What’s On - Term Two
Year 4


Term Two is just around the corner and we have many exciting learning activities to look forward to in the weeks that lie ahead.

In English this term, the students will continue with their spelling, grammar and the Café Reading Program. During literacy activities, the emphasis will be placed on comprehension and identifying main ideas in a text. In writing, aspects to be covered will include narratives (fairy tales), reports and poetry.
In Mathematics, the students will be learning about addition and subtraction. They will also gain an insight into fractions, length, area, 2D and 3D shapes and time. Students will work on developing a thorough understanding of each topic and the importance of relating mathematics to everyday life. Hands-on activities play an important part in our daily program, as do problem solving strategies and mathematical games.
Our Integrated Unit this term is entitled ‘The World Around Us’. The key understandings are:

  • Asia is a diverse continent that is a neighbour to Australia.
  • There are similarities and differences between climates of the worlds.
  • Vegetation is significant to animals and people and needs to be protected.
  • Human activity and natural processes have changed the Earth’s surface.
  • Different living things have different life cycles and depend on each other and the environment to survive.
    This unit will involve us looking at countries around the world, comparing them to Australia, and looking at the impact both humans and nature has on the world.  We will spend a day at looking at the environment the animals need to live successfully and the impact that occurs when this is changed.
    At the end of the unit the children will present their learning in a Year 4 expo to other students and the wider Gardenvale Community.
    Dates to Note This Term  (all dates are subject to change)
    Term 2 commences – 16th April
    Anzac Day- Wednesday 25th April
    Curriculum day - 30th  April
    School Cross Country– 27th  April
    “Big Blue Bush Bash Dance”- Whole school- May 2nd
    Botanic Gardens Excursion – 7th May
    District Cross Country – 8th May
    Parent Teacher Interviews begin week May 21st
    Queen’s Birthday Holiday - 11th June
    Team Building Day – 19th June
    Year 4 End of Unit Expo – 25th June
    Opera Australia Invisit – 26th June
    Term 2 concludes - 29th June 2.30 dismissal                   

Term 1

What’s On
 Year 4 - Term 1, 2108
Welcome back to school! We hope everyone had a wonderful break and are as ready and keen as we all are for the year ahead.


This term our inquiry unit is all about ‘Robust Relationships’. It is an integrated unit that encourages the students to discuss their attributes, emotions and the way in which they perceive themselves and others. We explore areas of friendship in terms of how to be a good friend, how to develop and maintain friendships and the rewards to be reaped by being a good friend. We also spend time on conflict resolution and how we can make a difference in the ways that we interact with people in our lives.


Our mathematics focus for the term includes understanding numbers, place value, mental computations and, of course, practising times tables.  The students complete pre and post assessments to help us guide the planning and targeting of teaching and learning. It also enables students to see their own progress in these areas.

We are continuing the SMART spelling program throughout every year level of Gardenvale Primary School and the students will be familiar the program from their experience in Year 3.

In Year 4 the students are introduced to the C.A.F.E. reading program which focuses on comprehension, accuracy, fluency and expanding vocabulary.
Handwriting is also an important subject in Year 4 as the students strive to attain their pen licenses – until then, it is definitely pencil only!

Dates to remember:
09/02 – District swimming trials, Bayside Aquatic Centre, Mentone (recommended squad swimmers only)
23/02 – District swimming competition, GESAC
22/02 – Year 4 Information Evening 6:30pm – 7:30pm  MPC
02/03 – Year 4 Team Building Day at school
05/03 – 07/03 - Year 4 Camp, Arribri Lodge, Warburton
13/04, 20/04, 27/04 -  Family Life
29/04 - end of Term 1:  2.30 Dismissal

We are looking forward to working with both you and your children throughout 2017.
Julie, Tanya, Victoria and Peter