What’s On in Year Four - Term 1


Welcome back to school! We hope everyone had a wonderful break and are as ready and keen as we all are for the year ahead.


English :


We are continuing the SMART spelling program throughout every year level of Gardenvale Primary School and the students will be familiar with the program from their experience in Year 3.


In Year 4 the students continue learning the CAFÉ strategies of this reading program which focuses on comprehension, analysis/application, fluency and expanding vocabulary.

Handwriting is also an important subject Year 4 as the students strive to attain their pen licenses – until then, it is definitely pencil only!



Mathematics :


Our mathematics focus for their term includes understanding numbers, place value, mental computations and, of course, practising multiplication tables. The student complete pre and post assessments to help us guide the planning and targeting of teaching and learning. It also enables students to see their own progress in these areas. 






This term our inquiry unit is all about ‘Our Changing Relationships’. It is an integrated unit that encourages the students to discuss their attributes, emotions and the way in which they perceive themselves and others. We explore areas of friendship in terms of how to be a good friend, how to develop and maintain friendships and the rewards to be reaped by being a good friend. We also spend time on conflict resolution and how we can make a difference in the ways that we interact with people in our lives.


Below are some dates to keep in mind for Term One


Monday 2nd March to Wednesday 4th March  - Year 4 Camp at Arrabri Lodge

Thursday 12th March   -Team Building Incursion

Tuesday 10th, 17th, 24th March – Health Education Sessions

Monday 16th March - House Athletics Carnival at Sandringham Athletics Track

Tuesday 17th March - House Athletics Carnival Backup day

Friday March 27th  -Term 1 concludes at 2:30pm


Bridget Wells, Victoria Pidhirny, Sue Grant & Hock Meng Tan

Year 4 teachers

Year 4 Excursion to the Chinese Museum

On Monday, 18th November, the Year 4 cohort set off to the city to visit Chinatown and the Chinese Museum. We travelled by train so it was a brisk walk to the station and on to Chinatown. Each class commenced their activity of either a tour of Chinatown or a guided tour of the museum.

The Chinatown tour involved learning the history of the Chinese settlers in Melbourne; understanding traditional Chinese customs in terms of architecture and medicine; watching dumplings being made and practising Tai Chi.

Once inside the museum, our guide led us through the various histories of China from the Tang Dynasty to Chinese migration to the Victorian goldfields. We marvelled at burial suits made from jade, a 63m dragon covered in hand stitched scales, and the elaborate clothes of Chinese opera performers.

After lunch and a run around at Birrarung Marr, it was on to the train and back to school. The students had an incredible learning experience and their behaviour was exemplary from start to finish. Thank you to all of our helpers, we could not manage without you!

The Year 4 Team

Sovereign Hill
October 15th, 2019

The Year 4 classes set off bright and early from school on Tuesday morning, ready for a 2 hour bus ride to Sovereign Hill. Upon our arrival the sun broke through the clouds and we knew it was going to be a fantastic day!

Four activities were scheduled so the classes split up and went their own directions to participate in: an education session where the students learned about life on the Goldfields in the 1850’s; a tour of the Red Hill Mine which involved descending a steep flight of stairs, walking through narrow, dimly lit passages and listening to the story of the Welcome Nugget; watching gold being smelted to remove impurities resulting in a 3kg bar of gold bullion which a couple of students were lucky enough to hold; and another tour of an old mine to The Secret Chamber where the story of Chin Tem and his brother was re-enacted.

Apart from the four scheduled activities, the day was busy wandering through the town checking out miners’ camps, both European and Chinese, discovering gardens, orchards and animals, watching wooden wheels and fence posts being made and a highlight for many, gold panning. Some found their (modest) fortune which they bottled to take home. The final minutes were spent looking in shops where produce indicative of the time was sold – the queue to the Sweet Shop almost around the block!

The students were engaged and interested throughout the day and made the most of their immersion into 1850’s Victoria.

A big thank you to all our parent helpers – we could not do it without you.

Victoria Pidhirny, Hock Meng Tan, Peter Monotti & Tanya Kentera – The Year 4 Team

Team Building Day

Year 4 Team Building Day – Term 3

The Year 4 students spent Tuesday, September 17th participating in three different activities to finish of their Science Inquiry unit.

The students were mixed up amongst the whole cohort and worked in teams to solve problems like how to stack cups up using string and rubber bands, how to make simple and parallel circuits, how to navigate a sphero through an obstacle course and how to take apart machines to discover their inner workings.

Hilarity and frustrations ensued but the students remained determined and enthusiastic throughout the day, often celebrating their successes loudly!
All in all a great day was had by all.   

What’s On in Year Four - Term 4


During Term 4, Year Four is undertaking the following units of study.


English :


In English the writing emphasis will be on poetry and persuasive writing. Particular emphasis will be placed on sentence structure, punctuation and editing. Spelling and grammar will continue to play an important role this term with a major emphasis on proofreading and editing all written work. Our reading skills will continue to develop through the CAFÉ Reading program.


Mathematics :


In Mathematics we will be working on revision of fractions, decimals and the four operations. There will also be problem solving activities involving money. Students will be involved in developing strategies to pose and answer challenging questions. Measurement will include aspects of length and time, all of which will contain a large element of hands on activities. We will continue to work on our times tables. Mental maths will form a major component of this area of the curriculum in preparation for Grade Five.


Integrated Studies :

Our Integrated Unit this term is entitled ‘Australia in the 1800s’. The key understandings are:

  • Many events over time have shaped the country we live in.
  • People explored Australia in its development for a variety of reasons.
  • Migration to Australia was for a variety of reasons.
  • The period of the gold rush influenced Australia at the time and today.
    Our focus questions for this unit are:

  • What were the significant events of the period 1800-1901?
  • Who were some of the main explorers of Australia?
  • Why do people explore?
  • Why did people migrate to Australia?
  • What was the impact of the Gold Rush on Australia?
  • How have these events shaped Australia today?
    This unit will involve a wide variety of activities such as researching, watching MyPlace, reading diary entries and learning together to help develop understanding of Australia in the 1800s. There are also excursions to Sovereign Hill and the Chinese Museum which will further help us develop our knowledge of tthis time.
    At the end of the unit the children will present their learning in a Year 4 expo to other students and the wider Gardenvale Community.
    It is always surprising how time flies in the last term of the school year. The children are preparing for their transition to Grade Five and as always, the Grade Four teachers will ensure that the students have an extremely rewarding and productive term to finish off a fantastic year.
    Below are some dates to keep in mind for Term Four
    October 7th- First day of Term 4
    October 15th  – Sovereign Hill Excursion 8am - 6pm
    October 31st - Spelling Bee
    November 5th  - Melbourne Cup Day – Public Holiday
    November 6th -15th – Senior School Swimming Program
    November 13th - Swimming Carnival
    November 16th - Gardenvale Fair (Senior School)
    November 18th  – Chinese Museum Excursion
    November 26th - Leadership Speeches
    December 11th - End of Year concert
    December 13th – Year 4 End of Unit Expo
    December 17th – Team Building Day
    December 17th  – Year 6 Graduation
    December 18th - Step up morning (2020 classes)
    December 18th – Reports home
    December 20th – Last day of term 1:30pm finish

Book Week 2019

The Year 4’s finally got to dress up as heroes or villains for Book Week on Tuesday 20th August . The students went to an outstanding effort with their costumes and spent the day immersed in their characters.  A special mention to 4C who were all either a hero or a villain from Harry Potter – it was a great day!

Year Four Science Incursion – Hot! Hot!

On Tuesday, July 23rd, Sandy from Swinburne University visited the Year 4’s to teach them all about heat. The students watched, listened and learned about conduction, insulation, air flow and temperature. They watched Sandy carry out experiments which included flying teabags and hot tent pegs and they performed experiments themselves. The students measured the temperature of different states of water – warm, ice and room temperature and they mixed yeast with hydrogen peroxide to create a bubbly, warm liquid.

The incursion was entertaining, educational and inspiring for all!