Botanic Gardens

Excursion to Botanic Gardens
On Monday, May 7, the Year 4 classes set out for the Melbourne Botanic Gardens, accompanied by some welcome volunteer parents and their teachers.
4A and 4B set off first with 4C and 4D following an hour and a half later. Upon arrival at the gardens the students explored the Children’s Garden – hiding among the bamboo, discovering the Grandmother Tree, a 10,000 year old petrified tree trunk and hanging out with The Magic Pudding!
The Education session followed and each class had an instructor to lead them through firstly, the kitchen garden where they discovered loofahs, lime trees and olives. It was on to planting next and two classes potted their own bulbs to enjoy in the spring, and the other two classes potted native plants: chrysocephalum apiculatum – Yellow Buttons or Showy Podolepsi – a native daisy.
The students then walked through the gardens, learning about the various types of plants and trees and about adaptation of plants to their environments. It was then on to the herb garden where the students explored the different sights and smells of plants, concluding with everyone creating their own pot pourri pouch full of dried lavender, rose petals and geranium leaves.
It was a wonderful day full of exploration and learning, and will hopefully inspire some budding gardeners, arborists and botanists!